CX 102 low emission press

Another leap forward for Eco-friendly print: the CX102 Speedmaster

2019 has started off on a great foot, with growth and expansion for the Fusion Print team. We’re wowing the print world again, this time with New Zealand’s first push-to-stop CX102 Speedmaster, a shining example of Heidelberg print automation. It was installed in April at our Auckland branch, Soar Print, and produces the highest offset print quality available in New Zealand. But before we get into the detail about what makes the CX102 so special, which will please the printophiles amongst you, let’s talk about what it means for our customers.


Unparalleled quality and speed for complex print jobs

The CX102 represents the perfect interplay between people, machines, materials and processes. With speeds of up to 16,500 sheets per hour, there are very few challenges in commercial, label, and packaging printing that it can’t handle. And it switches between jobs without even pausing.

Imagine you’re a high-end furniture designer who requires 10,000 A4 brochures with process, spot PMS and aqueous coating. You also need four additional versions in different languages in the 300-500 run-length range.  This press can handle all that and get the printing done in less than 35 minutes

And if you wanted 24 versions of an A1 poster, with 200 copies of each version, the job would take us only 2 and a half hours to print. What’s more, the quality across every output will be consistently impeccable, from first impression to last.

 “This press delivers the highest print quality imaginable, while also increasing our productivity and efficiency,” says Fred Soar, our Managing Director. “It’s genius.” 

Less waste, smaller carbon footprint

The CX 102’s technology raises the benchmark for more than just productivity. Its high energy and resource efficiency make it the most environmentally-responsible press in its class. For example, it uses 50% less paper and ink during setup. It’s certified as a low-emission press by the German Institution for Statutory Insurance and Prevention in the Printing and Paper Industry.

CX102 highlights for print geeks

For the first time in the history of offset printing, workflow is completely automated. The press will progress through every scheduled print job automatically, without any human intervention. We don’t have to pause between jobs.  The press operator only interrupts the autonomously running process chain if necessary, i.e. push to stop.

Other highlights include Heidelberg’s InterTech Technology Award-winning Prinect Inpress Control, an inline spectrophotometric colour measuring system, Prinect Inspection Control, an inline sheet inspection system, and Prinect Press Center control console with Intellistart, an operator guidance system and integrated Wallscreen.

If you’d like more information on our amazing new press, drop an email to Graeme Foote.  He’ll be able to let you know just what the CX102 can do for you, he could even arrange a time for you to see the press in action!

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