Another leap forward for Eco-friendly print: the CX102 Speedmaster

2019 has started off on a great foot, with growth and expansion for the Fusion Print team. We’re wowing the print world again, this time with New Zealand’s first push-to-stop CX102 Speedmaster, a shining example of Heidelberg print automation. It was installed in April at our Auckland branch, Soar Print, and produces the highest offset print…

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First you prototype – then you design!

When it comes to designing the function of a product pack, making a prototype before you tackle the design is right way to go. Paper engineering is an unforgiving art. Get it right and your product pack looks fantastic on the shelf and feels like premium quality in the customer’s hand. Mess it up and you…

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Three containers, eight engineers, one almighty printer!

Things have been fizzing here at Fusion Print. Earlier this year, we took delivery of three containers full of state-of-the-art digital print technology – the Océ VarioPrint i300 …unassembled. Then it was simply a matter of putting it together. Shortly after the containers arrived, eight engineers from Holland, Australia and New Zealand arrived at Fusion…

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Hot tips for a sun-sensible summer.

More than 4000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with either melanoma in situ or invasive melanoma every year – that’s around 13 every day. Once it penetrates your skin by more than 2mm, it can quickly spread to other parts of your body. New Zealand’s melanoma incidence rate is the world’s highest. We’ve pushed Australia off…

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