First you prototype – then you design!

When it comes to designing the function of a product pack, making a prototype before you tackle the design is right way to go.

Paper engineering is an unforgiving art. Get it right and your product pack looks fantastic on the shelf and feels like premium quality in the customer’s hand. Mess it up and you get a wonky pack that doesn’t do your product justice.

So how do you make sure your pack’s going to look a million dollars when it’s printed and assembled? Prototype first, graphic design second. It’s a strategy that ensures your design and print budget is spent wisely. 

Pack prototyping should happen before graphic design

In our experience, very few graphic designers are expert paper engineers. So we recommend you work with us to get the foundation right before you brief your designer (or ours!) to develop pack graphics.  If you want your designer to have conceptual input before we develop prototypes, that’s easy. We’re great collaborators.

Our prototyping and mock up service gets the underlying engineering sorted on the correct stock before graphic design titivation begins. We can print outputs one at a time and assemble a perfect sample pack that you can put to the test. Once we have perfected the prototype, the graphic design process can begin.

Direct mailers deserve a prototype too

Don’t you love direct mailers with cut outs, fancy folds and fiddly bits? We do. We especially love them when they work perfectly; folding and popping out exactly as planned.

With decades of printing, die-cutting and finishing experience behind us, we know the pitfalls of fancy DM pieces. One of the biggest is a huge price. If you have a great idea, talk to us before you get too far down the design path. We can make sure you achieve the result you want for the smallest print cost.


Need a pack or direct mail prototype? Talk to Grant McIlmurray on 021 918 500 or email  [email protected] 

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