Digital foil FX label printing

Strike gold with Fusion’s label printing!

When a nutritional supplements client needed a label print provider for their home brand range, Fusion stepped up to the mark. The result was better quality at a lower cost – always an ideal outcome!

Our client is a New Zealand supplement company that has its own-brand HealthZone products manufactured and packed in the USA. Until recently, a US printing company produced labels for the HealthZone range, but they closed up shop leaving our client in the lurch. Graeme Foote, General Manager at Fusion Print, explains:

“Previously the labels were printed in the USA and sent to a site in New Mexico, where they were applied to the supplement containers. Once labelled, the containers were shipped to New Zealand. Our client didn’t get to see the finished result until it was too late and they were often not pleased with the quality and colour consistency of printing. In the supplement category, shelf impact is huge – products need to look great. A bad label printing job can negatively impact sales.”

This client already had a print relationship with Fusion, so it made sense for them to try us for their label printing. Our label printing team used their technical knowledge of digital label reproduction to improve the way the label was printed.

It was a big win for our client – not only did we print the labels for less cost, we raised the bar for quality.  Previously the labels had a dull gold from printer’s ink; now the labels feature a true metallic gold for superior visual impact. What’s more, our client can now approve a hard copy proof before printing.

Metallic labe printing

Hardcopy proof of some of the HealthZone Foil FX Labels .

“The HealthZone self-adhesive labels feature metallic gold. They were printed on our Indigo label press on metallised paper using the Colour Logic process. The client is thrilled with the quality and stoked to be using a New Zealand supplier for their label printing.”


What is Colour Logic?

There’s no doubt about it, metallic colours pop. We’re like magpies – shiny, glittery objects are attractive to us.

Using metallic effects on your labels, packaging and point-of-sale can result in higher sales and greater brand awareness. So when a cheaper way of printing stand-out metallic colours comes along, it’s time to get excited.

Colour Logic is a system that enables digital printers to print onto metallic substrates, producing striking images and colours. We won’t bore you with exactly how it’s done, but it involves masking with white ink. If you want all the technical details, go to or click here to learn more about our Labels and Packaging solutions.

Need a gorgeous label print job? Before you start designing, talk to Graeme Foote about what can be achieved with Colour Logic metallic printing. Email [email protected]  or call (07) 847 7214

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