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Fusion Print is a proud Hamilton print company that has been serving the Waikato for over 50 years. We live and breathe everything there is to know about the business of printing. We offer the full range of print services, including digital printing, offset printing and wide format printing. Simply put, we are a fully integrated print solutions company with a twist - this is our story.

Fusion Print was born in 2008 when Fast Print and John Walker Print joined forces and fused into one great big green print company. We are proud to be a family run business that has more than 50 years of experience serving the Waikato. Our business philosophy is based on our homegrown flavour, nurtured client relationships and a well-known respect for understanding our clients' commercial business needs.

In 2017 our family grew again as we partnered with Soar Print, another family owned printing power house that spans four generations! They share our passion for sustainability and have the awards to prove it! This partnership means we can provide a wider range of products, technology and services than ever before in the Hamilton market.  

To complement our printing solutions, we provide creative design and marketing solutions that deliver brand connection, create results, build performance and can be fully integrated across a range of communication mediums.

Whatever your print requirements, we will provide the best print solutions at the right price.


We won't stand still.
We work with best-in-class technology and are welcoming and fast to adapt to future innovation and market trends.

This one's about not resting on our laurels, embracing new stuff and being prepared to change. As they say, only dead fish go with the flow.


Craft and pride.
We may have flash machinery, but the team who run our shop are all craftspeople. Thanks to them, blank paper comes in and amazing things go out.

The machinery can't do it all. Printing still depends on skilled people who take pride in their work. Our people see themselves as part of a respected trade that started around 5000 years ago.


Details, details, details.
Our world is measured in microns and dots of ink, so we pay attention to the details or else. We value our ever-evolving process and the discipline it gives us.

Close enough isn't good enough. Our reputation and the loyalty of our customers depends on our ability to get things right. We must sweat the small stuff.

Fair play. 
Fair price, fair wage. Live by the commit date. Mistakes get fixed fast and with no fuss. Straight shooters.

Being good is good for business. We ask our people to listen to their conscience, because it will guide them to do the right thing. New Zealand's a village and word gets around.


People matter. 
We will always take the extra step to serve our customers, our workmates and our community. No hospital passes.

This means slipping into our customers' shoes at every opportunity, so that we can appreciate their needs and point of view. Good karma.


Sustainability matters. No, really! 
We care about the world we live in. We do the right thing for our business, our community, our planet and for future generations. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the talk.

We've always been aware of the danger of green wash, which means saying you're eco, when you're really not. Our sustainability practices go deep down and they're backed up by certifications. Nobody in the print industry is doing sustainability better than us.


Choosing Fusion Print means an honest to goodness choice to protect the environment.  Our sustainability practices go deep down and they're backed up by certifications. Nobody in the Waikato print industry is doing sustainability better than us.

Our team has planted over 800 native trees across several tree planting days at Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park. Check out the photos below of us in action! Our team have become so eco-conscious that they’ve even changed the way they do things at home. Yep, we’re impressed too.

Talk to us today so you can benefit from sustainable printing choices.

Com Plant - Waiwhakareke -Fusion 170[1]
Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Reserve
300 plants planted
Fusion Print