Embellishments play an important role when you want to make an instant impression.

Studies have shown that haptic (touch) memory has a strong impact on the human brain. When we feel something, it reaches us on a deeper level. So, if you choose a textured stock or add textured embellishment to a printed item, you’re helping your brand stand-out or your communication to work harder.

Embossing / Debossing

Can be applied to all promotional print collateral and books.
Embossing is when the surface of a chosen area or pattern is raised. This gives stand-out presence on the shelf and has a tactile effect that encourages the consumer to linger over the product. Alternatively, debossing uses the same method but in reverse, where the chosen element is lowered into the surface.

Die cutting
For use on everything from business cards to catalogues.
Die cutting is a printing process that involves cutting shapes out of a sheet of paper using a steel rule die.

Makes eye catching book covers, packaging, labels and more
Foiling is the application of pigment or metallic foil, often gold or silver, to paper or card. It can be combined with embossing to create a striking almost-3D image.

UV spot gloss
Great for catalogues and magazines.
As the name suggests, UV spot gloss is applied to chosen areas of a printed piece. It helps to draw attention to that part of the design and give your printed material a special point of difference. A particularly effective technique involves applying a UV spot gloss on top of a matte surface – the resulting contrast between the two surfaces is very eye-catching.

UV Textured Coatings 
Give your catalogues and magazines a point of difference.
These have a unique tactile and visual quality that offers a slightly raised, textured finish….

Perforate any paper stock to create tickets, vouchers and reply cards.
Perforations entice your customers to take action. Everyone likes to tear along the dotted line. Our Canon Oce i300 prints, perforates and binds on the fly.

Variable data
This process can be used for direct mail, brochures, even labels and packaging.
Fusion Print has a large digital print arsenal including HP Indigo, Canon Oce i300 and Xerox presses that can produce personalised print, driven by an Excel spreadsheet. You can change out names, addresses, areas of text, QR codes and images. You can also use versioning for ‘print on demand’. For example, print a one-off version of a brochure based on client information collected by your call centre.

Give labels, covers and other high use print collateral extra durability. 
The entire surface can be finished in a gloss or matt lamination film. This provides a high impact appearance in addition to strong moisture and scuff protection. Specialty laminations such as Soft Touch are great for giving invitations and booklets a luxurious feel.


Aqueous Coating
A more environmentally friendly finish.
Gloss, Matt, and Soft Touch can also be applied on our state-of-the-art Heidelberg CX102 press

Metallic Inks
Use on everything from labels and packaging to books and calendars.
Metallic inks are used to create a similar effect to foil, although not as reflective. The shine of the metallic particles in the ink give a premium metallic look in a variety of colour choices. Patented ColorLogic software and ink open a plethora of design opportunities.


Talk to us about embellishing your next print run – it’s less costly than you think.

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