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Labels and packaging
that get you noticed

Thanks to our family at Soar Print, we can offer two kinds of label printing – digital on rolls and offset on sheets. This capability makes Fusion Print a one-stop-shop for any kind of adhesive label or sticker in the Hamilton market. If labels need to match other packaging elements, such as a box or bag, our colour management processes ensure your brand colours stay true for every piece. We can print labels quickly and cost-effectively and our creative team can design you one from scratch if needed!

We can be your end-to-end supplier for every aspect of your print needs - primary and secondary packaging, product and barcode label printing, catalogues, order forms and stationery, marketing collateral and exhibition components.

Foil FX labels


For a fraction of the traditional metallic printing cost, FoilFX uses metallic substrates in combination with CMYK and white ink to create decorative effects and metallic colour for labels. It’s particularly fabulous for packaging, where shelf impact is increasingly important. Combine this effect with a unique die cut finish for labels that truly shine!


Digital label printing is ideal for food products and beverages because you can order labels to reflect product demand. You can also combine multiple SKUs on a single run, ordering exactly the quantities you need of each. Consecutive numbering and variable data – including barcodes – can be incorporated, allowing for personalisation or product traceability.

Sol Zinc Packaging


We help distributors and manufacturers to move their products by printing labels that say “pick me!” Bold colour, sharp definition and special treatments – such as a double hit of ink or UV gloss – give our packaging labels extra oomph in the marketplace. Affordable short runs, multiple SKU runs and variable data help you keep your business efficient. 

sticker eg


A sticker can be a mini-billboard, part of an interactive direct mail pack or a crucial component of a sales promotion. They can reinforce your brand, seal your envelopes, provide instructions and remind people to reorder. They can say “thanks”, become tokens in a sales promotion or update out-of-date marketing material. 


Bring us the gift (thanks!) and we’ll help you develop a pack that makes it look extra special. At the same time we’ll ensure that the precious contents are safe and secure. If your budget’s tight, we have some multi-use boxes that could be adapted for your use.


The perfect customised pack helps to sell your product on the shelf and in displays while protecting the contents. We recommend you work with us to develop a prototype before you move onto graphic design. Our custom-made prototypes simplify the process of choosing size, shape and card weight. 


To eliminate costly mistakes before they occur, we include a mocked-up prototype in our pack print process. As far as we know, we’re the only NZ packaging printer to make printing of an accurate prototype standard procedure.

As a our client you can have your very own free-of-charge print management website for ordering everyday template items, ordering repeat print runs, managing your print inventory and storing visual assets thanks to our ePrintcost system.

Our digital label press and what it can do for you.

Our digital label press can produce short and mixed runs - so you can get varying quantities of multiple SKUs. This makes it easer to react to market demand. our printer is fast, in most cases you will get your order in less than a week.

The labels you get from us will be printed on a roll, not flat sheets, this makes application easier. Rolls can be produced to suit any application machinery you may be using. We can also print special shades that are outside the range of usual four-colour-process because our press is seven colour.

Every label can be unique since our press can work with variable data from excel spreadsheets. You can personalise each label with text, images and numbers.

Coatings can be applied to help your labels survive the rigours of distribution and storage, including chiller storage. We can also add finishes to your labels like foiling, laminating and specialty coating for 'higher perceived value' such as matte soft touch or super high gloss to make your products really pop!

Fusion Print