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If you can imagine it,
we can probably print it!

We can support your ambitions for a range of top-selling printed products, or we can get your logo and messaging onto almost any kind of giveaway.


Branded giveaways and promotional merchandise

When the BPMA conducted research into the effectiveness of branded promotional giveaways, the results were eye-opening:

  • 66% of participants could recall the brand on promotional products they received with the past 12 months.
  • 79% of them said they would be likely to do business with the company again.
  • The return on investment for branded giveaways turned out to be equal to TV and print, and better than radio and outdoor advertising.
  • Most participants (87%) kept their promotional item for longer than a year.


The list of items that can be easily branded never stops growing. We can get your brand or message onto clothing, bags and luggage, pens, mugs, headwear, IT accessories, confectionery, umbrellas, tools, torches and lights, sports equipment, water bottles, first aid kits…honestly, there’s almost nothing we can’t brand for you.


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Printed Merchandise

Whether you’re an artist, fashion label, shop, museum or art gallery, working with Fusion Print can bring your merchandise ideas to life. Your creativity (or someone else’s) can be expressed as tee shirts, greeting cards, art prints, tea towels, puzzles, ceramics, knick knacks, furniture, stationery…even shoes! If it’s printed, we’re the partner you need.


Bring your ideas to the meeting table and let us apply our years of print experience to your business opportunity.

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