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Presenting the Océ VarioPrint i300

It prints, it trims, it binds and it's here at Fusion Print.

Oce varioprint i300

Save time and money!

The Océ VarioPrint i300 makes your print budget go further than before. Because there’s a whole lot less person-power involved in producing your print, our overheads are lower, so your print quote is smaller. 

One operator loads the stock and presses the start button. Job done.

book printing

Unrivalled print quality

The quality of printing produced on the Océ VarioPrint i300 is better than any other offset or digital press we use.'The i300 features ink technology that precisely delivers up to 80 million drops per second. Each ink droplet can be one of four sizes, resulting in smoother colour gradations usually achieved only on higher-resolution presses.


Order only what you need

The days of over-ordering to achieve the most cost-effective print volume are gone. With the Océ VarioPrint i300 it’s easy and fast for us to set up a print run, so you can print only what you need then order more as supplies run low

A revolution for multi-page printing.

Get a glimpse of the i300 in action below:

A New Zealand first at Fusion Print

Introducing the oce VarioPrint i300

Make it personal

Variable print for personalised outputs isn’t fresh news, but super-accurate variable print that’s quick to set up is. The Océ VarioPrint i300 takes personalisation to a higher level. Not only can you personalise every page in a book or brochure, but there’s virtually no risk of stuff ups. 

Mix your media

Colorgrip technology allows the Océ VarioPrint i300 to print on a wide range of media in the same run. Gloss, matte or uncoated stocks can be combined to create truly unique documents. Up to 8 different stocks can be used at a time.

Perfect perforations

The inline perforating, trimming, folding and finishing capabilities of our Océ VarioPrint i300 are extraordinary. The inline finisher can make vertical and/or horizontal perfs on any page. These perforations can even differ from page to page.

Square-spine binding

The revolutionary square-spine fold and stitch finishing feature creates a square spine up to 10mm wide plus a cover. You get a perfect bound book, but without the high price that usually comes with perfect binding.

Quick facts and stats

We could go on for hours about all the things this machine can do, but instead we're going to keep it short and sweet

  • Up to 8 different stocks can be used in each document

  • Lightweight stocks though to heavy card are no problem - even in the same document!

  • We guarantee ZERO show-through on lightweight stocks

  • The i300 can take a sheet size that is up to 500x350mm big - that's just smaller than A2!

  • We can print within 2mm of the edge of any stock meaning we can fit more onto each sheet.

  • Faultless data personalisation and numbering on any or all pages of a document.

  • Significant reduction in carbon emission compared to current offset & digital print methods

A4 sheets per minute at
max speed
DPI percived image quality on any stock
guaranteed colour consistency from the first sheet to the last

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