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Whether you’re printing a business card, producing a corporate profile or developing a new set of promotional materials, our printing services will make you look great. We know your business is impressive — we’ll make sure your print materials are too.


Our revolutionary digital, offset and wide format print technology along with a history of outstanding quality, means we provide a level of print production and service that is right where it should be — at the top.

With a wide range of offset printing, wide format printing and digital printing machinery, Fusion Print provides you with the print solution that will work best for your business and provide you with the best cost-efficiencies and quality.

Let us show you how we can provide you with the highest quality and most cost-effective result.


Digital Print

Large Format Display

Offset Print



Die cutting
Spot UV


Adding any of our certifications to your work you can proudly showcase your efforts to print sustainably and highlight your company or organisation’s commitment to our environment. There is no additional cost involved - just make sure you let us know when you order that you would like to have your work certified.


Find out more about our sustainability credentials.



With our revolutionary online print ordering system, ePrintcost, you get brand integrity, ease of automated permission controls, and the ability to place a print order 24/7.

So how does ePrintcost work?

We’ll work alongside you and your team to create templates for your regular print requirements. You’ll have editable fields, permission controls, and alerts to approve or reject jobs, upload files and get quotes. And all in real time. It doesn’t get much easier.

Watch your business cruise along while you order business cards, stationery, and any other printing you need on demand.

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