A look at how we used Color-Logic to take labels to the next level

Alice is a Premium Tea Brewing company based in Pokeno – just south of the Bombay Hill. They take traditional beer brewing techniques and combine them with the brewing of tea to bring a new dimension to your humble cup of tea.


With a basic design already in hand, Alice Hard Brewed Tea came to us with a request for their labels to be printed using a combination of matt and metallic finishes. So, our designer set to work to create a label that answers to this brief yet still in keeping with their original design. 



The result is quite simply outstanding!


The Color-Logic system was used to achieve this beautiful vignette that is matt black on one side of the bottle and a metallic colour on the other side which helps to define the different flavoured teas.  






Color-Logic is a colour communication system for printing onto foil and reflective substrates, when using white ink and CMYK. It creates beautiful metallic embellishments using automated metallic colour pallets and plugins meaning never having to create white ink masks. With the virtual proofing system, our clients can confidently preview the expected output before proofing on stock.





The original label


Versus the final label using Color-Logic


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